Apeks Luna ADV Primary

Apeks  Luna  ADV Primary

Dive light Apeks Luna torch from Apeks in June 2021
There are three types of torches: Luna mini / Luna / Luna ADV, which vary in light intensity.
Luna torch (Luna ADV) weighs 356g, about the same as a 350ml can of beer.

Comparison between Apeks and RGBlue
Light intensity is up to 3600 lumens with 3 patterns of light intensity adjustment: High, Middle, and Low
Compared with RGBlue by DiveLight made in Japan

Apeks Luna ADV RGBlue
Lumen Max3600lm Max3000lm
Anglke 20° 100°
Power 15500mAh (15.5Ah) 6400mAh (6.4Ah)
Weight 356g 565g
depth perception 100M IPX8 100M IPX8
Size 68mm×118mm 68mm×135mm
Run time 2〜36hours 1.5〜16.7hours
Material 6063 aluminum Aluminum Alloy / Hard Alumite
Battery LED monitor LED light

As you can see from the specifications, Apeks (Apeks) outperformed in every area.
I would like to excerpt some of the results and explain them here.

Light intensity

Apex has a maximum of 3600 lumens, 600 lumens more than RGBlue, but both have enough light for a primary light.

Power and Runtime

Apex's power supply is 15500mAh, more than twice as much as RGBlue's. The lighting time (runtime) is also proportionally longer.


Apex's battery display is digital and shows the remaining lighting time for each of the three power levels

Experience with Apex Luna torch ADV

The simple form and high-grade aluminum body are designed to
heat dissipation can be increased. Very simple operation with only one button
Press once to check battery / press twice to turn on / press long to turn off
Other than that, SOS mode can change 6 setting modes according to light intensity.
The only disadvantage is that the LED bulb and battery cannot be disassembled...

Quotes from Apeks official website

When cutting through the darkness is your primary mission, the Apeks Luna torch series will fill you with the peace of mind you need and the intensity of light you need. This exclusive range of British-made torches sets new standards in underwater lighting. Setting new standards in dive light technology, the Luna Adv is a feature-rich torch for explorers and adventurers. With a massive 3600 maximum lumens and a run time of up to 36 hours (depending on the program), this makes it the dive light for anyone serious about going further. The industry's first digital optimized mode selector allows you to choose from the light's various preset programs prior to diving. Programs allow you to select run times and modes, so you can find the right program for your dive, whether it's a caving expedition or an intense night dive blast. the Luna Adv comes with a Goodman handle for hands-free diving. You can attach up to two torches to the handle, or one torch and an underwater action camera. Even better, the Luna Adv can be fully charged via USB. Six pre-set dive programs that offer different run times and power settings for complete control during different phases of the dive; LED display panel provides real-time information on which mode the light is in and the run time remaining (hours and minutes) for instant ITM (Intelligent Thermal Management) - Patented circuitry in the light allows the Goodman-style handle to turn on multiple torches or one torch when the optimum temperature is exceeded. Handles allow for mounting multiple torches or one torch and an action camera. No need to open the torch to charge the battery, reducing the chance of leakage; provided in an Apeks-branded reusable zippered case to protect the torch during storage and travel. Features a dedicated SOS strobe for underwater or submersible emergencies. Optimizer mode selector
LED display
Factory sealed casing machined from marine grade aluminum
Zippered protective case
SOS strobe
Includes Goodman style handle, USB charging cable, and international plug adapter
Plastic-free packaging Designed and manufactured in the UK
LED Configuration: 6 x White XPL2
Lumens: Up to 3600
20 Focusing Spot Spot Beam Angle

Battery: 15500 mAh Li-Ion
Runtime: 2 - 36 hours (depending on mode)
Rechargeable: USB through case Charging time: 8 hours

Weight: 356 grams
Marine grade anodized 6063 aluminum
Water resistance IPX8100 m
Dimensions: Length: 118 mm
Head diameter: 61 mm


Apeks Luna ADV Primary
Apeks Luna ADV Primary
Apeks Luna ADV Primary
Apeks Luna ADV Primary
Apeks Luna ADV Primary
Apeks Luna ADV Primary

Apeks Luna ADV Primary

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  • Programmable setting function from 1 to 6, allowing the light intensity to be further fine-tuned from the usual 3 levels
  • LED display panel shows the currently selected mode and remaining lighting time in real time
  • Patented circuitry using the ITM (Inteligent Thermal Management) system that reduces output to the LEDs when the internal optimum temperature is exceeded, minimizing output and preserving battery life while maintaining brightness. It automatically restores output once the light has cooled.
  • The Goodman-style handle allows up to two lights to be attached, and an action camera can be placed in one hand and a light in the other.
  • Watertight design eliminates the need to open the charging port when charging the battery
  • Comes with a dedicated zipper case for easy carrying


Optimal mode selector
LED display
Corrosion-resistant aluminum specification
Protective case with zipper included
Equipped with SOS strobe
Goodman-style handle, USB charging cable, and power adapter included
Plastic-free packaging
Made in England

Included accessories

USB cable
AC adapter
Goodman Handle
Soft case

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