New for 2023 from APEKS is the LUNA X with canister diving light, with a large volume lithium-ion battery that provides an average increase in light output compared to the LUNA ADV PRIMARY.


Outstanding features of LUNA X

Can be carried on an airplane

In the case of the LUNA ADV PRIMARY, a lithium-ion battery is built in the light, so it could not be carried on board an airplane. In Japan, if the battery is up to 160Wh = 43243mAh and can be separated from the light, up to two batteries can be carried as carry-on baggage.

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Improvements in LUNA X

The connection method between the light body and the canister (battery) is insecure. The connection part is a screw like screw and has two O-rings. There is a possibility that it may come loose if there is a shock to the connection part underwater.

Comparison with LUNA ADV PRIMARY

Both are diving lights that can be utilized as primary lights.


Luna ADV Primary
Lumen Max3600lm Max3000lm
Angle 20° 8° / 80°
Angle mode spot full / wide / spot
Power 15500mAh (15.5Ah) 27200mAh (27.2Ah)
Weight 356g 874g
depth perception 100M IPX8 100M IPX8
Size 68mm×118mm 62mm×165mm
Run time 2h(3600lm)〜36h(200lm) 3.5h(3000lm)〜14h(850lm)
Material 6063 Aluminum
Battery  LED monitor  LED monitor 
Charge time approx 6 hours
approx 9 hours

Conclusion of LUNA X UMBILICAL

  • Maximum light intensity is higher with Luna ADV Primary, but the difference is 600lm
  • The maximum beam angle is 80°, so it can be used as a video light.
  • Three illumination modes
  • Runtime (lighting time) is up to 14h / 850lm light intensity, while LUNA ADV PRIMARY has a runtime of 10h / 720lm
  • The average runtime is lower than LUNA ADV PRIMARY due to the higher luminous intensity.
  • Batteries are removable so they can be taken on airplanes


Canister light vs. hand-held light

Canister lights that have a long burn time and are reliable for technical divers; technical divers spend a lot of time in caves in dark overhead environments. In case of malfunction, the diver should be equipped with at least two lights: a primary light and a secondary light. In recent years, improved technology has released hand-held lights that can be used as primary, but canister lights with longer burn time and higher light output seem to be the preferred choice for divers doing research and exploration.


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It can illuminate a wide area as well as communicate underwater and reduce backscatter in murky water. The lightweight, durable, corrosion-resistant diving light can be attached to a BCD or cylinder, or rotated for side-mount use, making it flexible and easy to use.


H (h/lm) M (h/lm) L (h/lm)




Wide 5/2,000







Body Color Grey
Total weight (without handle) 875g
Weight (head + cable) 341g
Weight (battery) 535g
Beam angle (wide) 80°
Beam angle (spot)
Head size (diameter x length) 62mm ×165mm
Cable length 1180mm
Battery capacity 27.2Ah (27200mAh)lithium ion
Charging time Approx. 9 hours

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